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How to set up Promoted Pins campaigns

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Pinterest Audiences

Upload your existing email lists and create 'actalike' audiences, the Pinterest version of 'lookalike'. Target by demographics or keyword search, track key conversions.

A Buying Audience

Pinterest users tend to be shoppers and will often go straight from Pinterest to a retail site - even without ads It could be a great demographic for your business.

How Promoted Pins Work

Pinterest opened up Promoted Pins to all UK businesses in 2016 - all you need is a Pinterest account. Pinterest is skewed towards female users and is generally better for visually interesting topics such as fashion and food, however don't be put off if you're not in those sectors as there are lots of imaginative ways to present any product or service.

Promoted Pin campaigns can be one of three types - Awareness, Engagement or Traffic. Awareness is about spreading the word as much as possible, Engagement is focused on getting repins, close-ups, clicks and any other engagements with the Pin in question and Traffic is about driving conversions on your website. Pinterest have a tracking tag with similar standard events or conversions to the Facebook pixel.

Pinterest Audiences

Like the other social networks Pinterest allows you to create audiences either by uploading a file of, say, customer emails, by tracking people who visit your site or perform certain actions or by taking the members closest in demographic to your audience and creating a lookalike. Pinterest call theirs an Actalike Audience which is supposed to be better as it's based on what people actually do (as in signing up to services and buying products) rather than what they look like demographically. If you have an existing userbase you can upload email addresses to create an audience in Pinterest - then you can take this list and make an 'actalike' audience from it.

Promoted Pins Live Forever

Unlike promoted Tweets or Facebook ads, which are normally posts that don't appear in your natural feed and are only seen while the campaign is live, a Promoted Pin will stay around on Pinterest forever, giving you extra exposure for your spend.