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No Twitter Account? No Problem..

Paid Twitter activity is very much an extension of your 'organic' activity, so if you don't have any kind of Twitter presence we can help with getting you set up.

How Does It Work?

Twitter started with promoted tweets to increase your reach and promoted accounts if you need to build up your followers. They now offer Lead Cards to build a mailing list, Website Cards to promote your latest content and lots more.

It's Fast Moving - Keep Up!

The Twitter ad platform is developing all the time - now you can create audiences for retargeting, upload your customer list and even optimise your ads for a conversion such as a sale or download. Luckily we can help.

How Twitter Ads Can Work For You

Native advertising has been a buzzword for a while and Twitter ads - promoted tweets, Twitter Lead Cards and Twitter Website Cards - are a great example of this, blending in to the experience of scrolling through your timeline.

It started with Promoted Tweets - even if you have a few followers why not reach a few more by paying to appear in their feed based on which accounts they follow or what keywords they've used? If you want to build up your following you can do it with Promoted Account to encourage more followers. Twitter charges per engagement - a follow, a favourite, a reply, a click or a retweet - so you're getting positive results either way.

Objective Based Campaigns

If you're specifically interested in new email sign-ups or making sales rather than generally engaging you can opt for a Twitter objective-based campaign. Here you'll only pay for the outcome you want to achieve rather than every click and retweet - great news but very new in the UK so contact us for info on that one.