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Beginner? No problem..

From setting up your first Facebook ads campaign to managing your spend month-to-month we can help you with paid social.

Advanced Targeting

From custom audiences drawn from your existing email lists to new visitors and lookalike audiences, there's a huge range of advanced ways to really target your message.

Pay For What Matters to You

Whether you're looking for app downloads, registrations, sales or just a load of Likes you can optimise your spend to the end goal you want.

How Facebook Ads Work

There are two main types of ad on Facebook - the ads served on FBX, the Facebook exchange, which is part of the huge network of display ads on the web today, and the 'native' ads in the news feed, so-called as they blend in stylistically to the whole news feed experience (as long as they are done well). If you run display or use a retargeting company they'll probably bid in real time on the FBX. Where we can help is in running engaging ads in the news feed (sometimes in the right hand column too).

With these promoted page posts you can build a following for your brand, encourage viewers to watch a video, build an email list or optimise for specific conversions like downloading an app, signing up to a service or making a sale. You can target your ads at certain demographics, from age and gender to parents, graduates and people who like certain pages or create a custom audience by uploading your email list or tagging visitors to your site who don't convert. The possibilities are huge...


This is a really exciting area and is broken down into Custom Audience, Website Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience. If you have an existing userbase you can upload email addresses or phone numbers to create a Custom Audience in Facebook - you might want to reach these people on Facebook to tell them about new products, tell them about your great new recommend-a-friend scheme and so on. Then you can take this list and make a 'Lookalike' audience from it, a group of Facebook users with certain demographics and interests in common who can be a potential new group of customers.

What about the people who visit your site and leave without buying? You can build an audience of these people too and reach out to them on Facebook with ads based on the pages they visited. You can then make a Lookalike audience of these people. The possibilities are (almost) endless...

How to Set Up Facebook Ads